The path of the tram

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We have a strong historical connection with trams, for example in the world of literature. It would just suffice to mention famous Bulgakov trams, which are woven into the plot twists of the exciting novel «The Master and Margarita». Do you remember?

But what is beyond the literary pages? The tram is a technological type of transport full of many electrified mechanisms that drive a multiton body.

This year, TRASKO carried out a number of oversized cargo transportations of trams with the help of our own trucks and 16-meter disassembled trailers. To perform this type of transportation it is necessary to have special permits, which were issued before carrying out transportation.

After the necessary approvals with the Federal state institution Uprdor «Russia», our trucks started the journey. To avoid the impact of atmospheric precipitation, the cargo was covered with a special coating.

The cargo was successfully delivered to the destination in accordance with the agreed terms.

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