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The North-East of Siberia is world-famous for its harsh continental climate and long winters. Sometimes the transport company has to perform unusual tasks in difficult weather conditions. Today we will tell you about such a case happened in Yakutia.

One of our partners from the oilfield service industry was delivering the cargo to the suburban of Kysyl-Syr village (Yakutia). In order to reach its destination, the truck had to cross the Lena River on an icebreaker and continue its way from Yakutsk right to the destination.

The problem was that the river crossing site was closing on November 24. After closing it is impossible to cross the river for at least a month until the winter road is ready for transportation. The driver delivered the cargo to the river crossing site in Nizhni Bestyakh village and faced with the risk not to have time to return back on the last icebreaker because it was not easy to predict the exact time of the whole journey to the destination point.

Taking into account the urgency of the delivery, the customer decided to ask TRASKO for help. In one day, the company’s representatives found a truck and a driver who was ready to go to Nizhni Bestyakh by the river crossing site, then pick up the cargo and deliver it to the place. Also TRASKO employees found a crane to shift cargo from one truck to another.

On November 23, after filling all the necessary documents, the drivers began to move the containers between trucks. All the operation was complicated by the frost of -35 °C.

On November 24, the new driver rolled up at the last icebreaker starting its way from Nizhny Bestyakh to Yakutsk. The journey on the icebreaker took 10–12 hours. On November 25 the cargo was successfully delivered to its destination!

TRASKO is ready to help you deliver your cargo even when every minute counts!