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Contact us in Moscow

143420, Moscow, Stroenie 8, 4-y km Ilynskogo shosse, p/o Arkhangelskoe, Krasnogorskiy rayon
09:00 - 18:00
Eduard Volman
Head of Sales Department
+7 (495) 564-87-14 (add 1151)
Sergey Sushkov
Head of Sales Department (LTL China, Europe)
+7 (495) 564-87-14 (add 1152)
Daniil Lavruhov
Head of Sales Department (LTL RF)
+7 (495) 564-87-14 (add 1136)
Anna Pinchuk
Senior sales manager (Turkey, Iran)
+7 (495) 564-87-14 (add 1142)+7 (916) 306-01-82
Liliya Knyazkova
Head of selection and adaptation Department

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