About company

«TRASKO» company
was founded on September, 28, 1995.

TRASKO is a reputable, large, ISO 9001:2015 certified transport and forwarding company, successfully operating in the international and domestic transport markets since 1995.

Route map include the most popular European destinations, China, CIS countries, as well as any other countries and continents.

Максимальная сумма страхования груза составляет 2,5 млн €

We will operate in a manner that safeguards the environment and the health and safety of those who could be affected by our operations.


«ТРАСКО» идет на Восток

2023 год прошел для «ТРАСКО» под «флагом» развития отношений с Китаем: компания наладила процесс перевозки грузов в страну и из страны собственным транспортом, и открыла новую услугу по доставке коммерческой техники из поднебесной. В интересах российских заказчиков в течение года в страну было ввезено более 1000 седельных тягачей и самосвалов.

В связи с увеличением грузопотока через Дальний Восток всеми видами транспорта, а также необходимостью обеспечения бесперебойного логистического сервиса на территории страны в этом году был открыт филиал во Владивостоке, который стал 22-м на территории России.


In 2022 TRASKO established cargo transportation from Turkey as well as transportation to Iran, Iraq and CIS countries. We are actively developing transit delivery from China to Russia through Kazakhstan. The delivery to EU is performing by changing trucks.

In 2022 TRASKO also purchased 10 more GutTrailer semi-trailers, which allow loading large volume of cargo and are more convenient for transporting heavy cargo. New semi-trailers are mainly operated to deliver goods from China.

Also TRASKO was awarded the ‘Exporter of the Year’ competition in the Central Federal District of Russia among representatives of large business and took TOP-2 position in all-Russian stage of the competition.

2021 was an important milestone in the development of the company. As part of the current strategy of development and expansion of its presence in the regions, the international transport and logistics company TRASKO opened offices in the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, Brest) and signed a partnership agreement with Polish colleagues. 

Also in 2021, the TRASKO fleet was replenished with 40 Volvo FH truck tractors and 70 SCANIA R440 units, and the company itself entered the top three leaders of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition "Exporter of the Year".

At the same time, in the interests of clients, TRASKO opened two modern warehouse complexes - in Nizhnekamsk (Republic of Tatarstan) and in Krekshino (Moscow). As a full-fledged 3PL operator, the company provides its customers with a full range of logistics and warehousing services.
In 2020 TRASKO continues to adhere to its long-term development strategy, taking into account the market changes that took place in the industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s fleet has been expanded with 20 new Volvo FH trucks of the EURO-5 ecological standard. Despite the changing market conditions due to the coronavirus, TRASKO not merely did not reduce its staff, but also recruited new professionals.
In 2020 TRASKO won the national award «Trucks and roads» as an international cargo carrier, and also won the all-Russian award «Exporter of the year» in the Central Federal District of Russia in the category «Exporter of the year in the service sector» among the large business companies.
Today TRASKO is a network from 21 offices in the European part of Russia, the Ural and Siberian districts. The total number of employees is more than 1200 people. The own fleet consisted of more than 400 trucks with a capacity of up to 22 tons.
Fleet renewal
In March 2016, the renewal and expansion of the fleet began. The first trucks based on Scania r440 were put into operation.
Long-term strategy
In 2015, a new long-term development strategy was formulated, providing for an emphasis on the transportation of cargoes, increasing the efficiency, technology and safety of transportation, the development of process management, expansion of the branch network and modernization of the technical base.
Authorised Customs Representative and Customs Carrier
TRASKO became Authorised Customs Representative in 2011, and a year later, in 2012, and Authorised Customs Carrier.
Quality management
In March 2011, the company received the international certificate of quality management compliance with ISO 9001:2008. It is annually confirmed during inspections by the certifying body.
Sustainable growth
In 2009, more than 300 people worked in TRASKO.
The number of the own truck fleet exceeded 110 units.

Branch in Tver
The largest branch of TRASKO, in Tver, was founded in 2007. It became the second branch which provides a full range of services
The first truck service
By 2006, the own fleet consisted of 80 modern trucks. For the qualified service of trucks the service division in Chekhov was founded.
Development of branches
From 2001 to 2006, the company focused on the development of branches in the Eastern direction. During this period, five branches were opened: three in the Ural-Siberian region and one in Elabuga and Ufa.
The first branch
The first branch was opened in 2000 in Perm. By this time, the own fleet of TRASKO consisted of 15 modern trucks Mercedes and Scania.
A year later, the first five Scania trucks with tent trailers were rented and the direction of international transportation of groupage and complete cargoes was opened.
In August 1997, Eugene Shakalida was appointed to the position of General Director.
Company foundation
TRASKO was founded as part of the international holding Transinvest Holding AG  in 1995.

The main activities were transportation of goods in Moscow and the regions, the provision of services for registration of customs transit.

There were five employees and three cars in the fleet.


There are more than 1200 people!
Do you want to become a part of our team?
TRASKO vacancies at Moscow
Artem Ezhov
Director of Strategic Clients

I like working at TRASKO because the key values, the general direction and the vision of the future that is being created are in accord with my own feelings.

Irina Maeva
Lead sales manager (LTL Europe)

I’m sure that you should be proud of what you’re doing. You need to strive to perform better than anyone. You also need to be sure that your team will lead you to success. It’s all possible in TRASKO.

Alexey Chinyakov
Commercial director

The company gave me a chance to do what I’m trained for and am able to do well. I do my job within the team of professionals, the best ones in the industry.

Vera Khokhlova
Treasury Department Head

The company has an individual approach to each employee and provides them with a comfortable working conditions. For me, this is an opportunity for self-actualization!

Ekaterina Karzhavina
Head of Full Cargo Transportation Department

Working for TRASKO is an opportunity to offer interesting solutions to complicated problems, always advancing with a team of likeminded people and professionals.

Maria Katiba
Branch manager in Novosibirsk

Working for the company is an opportunity for me to grow and develop together with the team as well as to make my own contribution in the great success of TRASKO.

Denis Kiva
Branch manager in Perm

TRASKO is my story of self-actualization as a specialist and a leader, an opportunity to get satisfaction from challenging activities and the results of my work.

Anastasia Danilova
Head of the Department of road transportation from China

Working for TRASKO means new challenging tasks for me daily. It is also about stability, confidence and a lot of opportunities for personal and professional growth!

Artem Kulikov
Transport Manager

Here in TRASKO, we are all united by common idea and goal despite the fact that job satisfaction itself is different for each of us. For me, it is an opportunity to work and develop both professionally and personally.

Success stories

Alexandra Akimova
Lead Lawyer

I started my career in TRASKO right on time: the company moved to a new office, they were looking for a secretary and I was needed a job that I could combine with my studies.

I got the position of a lawyer on my third year of studies in law faculty. I started my career like many others: I didn’t know anything and I doubted everything. Now I am a leading lawyer, engaged in corporate work. I also consider complicated multi-page contracts signed with our key customers.

In my work I follow the principles of hospitability, honesty and professionalism. I am very happy to be a part of such a big company!

Andrey Moroz
Project manager

Honestly, I joined TRASKO team with no background experience. In a few years I have successfully settled into my job with a help of my colleagues. My slogan for now is «do what you have to do and let it be». I like to be engaged in solving complicated tasks related to the development of our company!

Alexander Shilinchuk
Deputy General Director for forwarding

My first position in TRASKO was the transport manager in the Department of International Transportation. In 2002 I became Head of the Transport Department for Russia and CIS. In 2008 I was appointed Deputy General Director for Forwarding. Since that moment, I have been working on this position. What can I say about working for the company? In the beginning it was not easy. However over the time you realize that situations are repeated and experience helps you find the right solution. Our activities broaden horizons and involve a lot of contacts with different people in Russia and abroad. It’s both challenging and inspiring!

Eduard Volman
Head of sales

I have been working in TRASKO for more than twelve years. Half of them as sales manager and the second half as the Head of sales.

I passed all the stages of the corporate ladder: manager, senior manager, lead manager and the Head of Department. I stood at the origins of the active sales in TRASKO.

I can surely say that the company is a big part of my life. This is a place where I grew up both professionally and personally.
This is amazing!

Alexey Korolev
Administrative manager

Work is  a happiness! I’ve been working for TRASKO as long as I remember and this is really great. I am glad that my colleagues see and appreciate my efforts. TRASKO has become my second home.

Konstantin Volkov
System administrator

I started my working career at TRASKO in 2001 in the Perm branch office. At that time, there were only two employees in the office. A few years later, we opened new branches in the Ural-Siberian region, the Republic of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. I’m glad that I participated in the formation of IT infrastructure in those branches. I’m very proud of it!

Mariya Yakovkina
Head of Groupage Cargo Department

It is a very special responsibility for me to lead one of the key services of the company. Groupage cargo transportation is definitely TRASKO’s strength point. We successfully deliver groupage cargo from Europe and China, providing customers with a full range of related services. My goal as the Head of Department is to ensure further improvement of the groupage cargo transportation and customer service in this field.


Our culture

TRASKO is not only the trucks, phones, offices and computers — it is something without what no truck will not move from the place. Our most important value — employees.

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