Delivery on another hemisphere with TRASKO

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We continue to share the most interesting practices of TRASKO in terms of the delivery of various cargoes. TRASKO was delivering the equipment for oil well service from Monterrey (Mexico) to the port of Korsakov (Sakhalin). Taking into account the route network, the delivery was carried out by the aerial, road and sea transport.

Within the first stage of the delivery, the cargo was transported from Monterrey to Mexico City. After that, the cargo arrived to Istanbul onboard of Boeing 777 wide-body aircraft. Then the aircraft delivered the cargo from Istanbul to Incheon, one of the most important transport hubs in the Republic of Korea.

Two days later, the cargo was transported to Busan by a truck to continue its journey to the final destination point in Sakhalin by the sea. In Busan, the equipment was loaded into the 40DV container to be sent to the port of Korsakov (Russia, Sakhalin). The delivery to the Russian port took six days.

Overall, the cargo traveled 21,470 km by crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the territory of the few countries and the Sea of Japan. Such a multimodal transportation is the result of well-coordinated work of partners aimed at providing the highest quality service to the customers.

TRASKO is ready to provide you with the professional services for the delivery of your cargo, even if it’s on another hemisphere of Earth!

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Around 21,470 km