95 tons of oversized cargo

Engineering industry
Transportation of oversized cargo


This is a story about the transportation of oversized cargo from Europe to Russia. Our customer, a representative of the power engineering market, appealed to TRASKO to transport the turbine impeller from Burg (Germany) to Saint Petersburg (Russia). At the first stage, the cargo was delivered from Burg to Lubeck. In Lubeck the cargo had to be loaded onboard of a ship that was going to the port of St. Petersburg.

The dimensions of the cargo were 4.61 m×4.16 m×4.10 m with a total weight of 95 tons. It was decided to use a lowboy for transportation. The oversized cargo was packed in a wooden case and connected to the platform by chains.

The delivery from Burg to Lubeck became the first shipment distance. Along this way, we had to make a number of non-standard decisions and change the route of transportation: after checking the static of the bridges, it turned out that only two of them could be for transportation with such a heavy load. At the same time, one of them was not used for that purposes, so the last one remained. Thus, the path of truck and the lowboy came through that bridge.

However, there was not the only challenge during the delivery. The road infrastructure did not allow transporting the oversized cargo along the chosen route. For this reason, in those places where traffic lights and road signs interfered passage of the truck, they were dismantled in coordination with local services. The work was carried out in real time — the objects were removed before the truck arrived and put back right after the truck passed.

The new challenge was waiting at the port of Lubeck., The ship’s captain refused to load the cargo for safety reasons despite the fact that the weight of the cargo was agreed before that and the cargo itself was not something extraordinary for transportation. However, the word of the captain is indisputable, so we had to wait for the next ship.

The turbine impeller inside a wooden case was placed into Flat Rack container and loaded onboard of the next ship arrived at the port. We have continued our journey across the sea. The cargo was unloaded in St. Petersburg, put on a lowboy and then successfully delivered to its destination. The entire journey from door to door took 14 days. The cargo covered a distance of about 1,620 km.


Lubeck (Germany) – St. Petersburg (Russia)
Travel time:
14 days
1620 km