The way we delivered 22 tons of Husse pet food



Recently, we successfully delivered a batch of veterinary goods to the customer. We have transported pet feed from Belgium to Russia. We received an order from the Russian importer of Husse pet food to transport 22 tons of pet food. Delivery was planned from Leuven (Wilsele, Belgium) to Perm (Russia).

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The palletized cargo was loaded into a new Volvo truck recently added to the company’s car fleet. Pet food is relating to a veterinary cargo and the transportation of such a cargo requires special certificates — the European and the Russian ones for crossing the borders within the EU and for customs clearance in Russia. The important point is to fill all the data correctly. Any mistakes could lead to failure of terms of delivery. In addition to delivery of the cargo, TRASKO was responsible for customs clearance, customs warehousing and carried out cargo insurance.

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After passing borders, the truck arrived to Russia and then continued its way to the customs office in Mozhaysk (Moscow region). Before receiving a veterinary certificate it is necessary to conduct a laboratory analysis of products carried out by a specialist. If the feed meets the Russian requirements for such products, the phytosanitary certificate is issued. When the truck with cargo arrived to Mozhaysk, the specialist took samples of the pet food for analysis. The entire process at customs, including the analysis, took less than two days. As soon as the results were received, the cargo continued its way to Perm to the customer’s warehouse.

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The entire delivery took ten days. The cargo was successfully delivered to the customer, covering a distance of 3,950 km. And this cute dog is Bazooka, a Pommeranter Spitz of one of our employees. Bazooka likes Husse pet food!

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Leuven (Wilsele, Belgium) – Perm (Russia)
Travel time:
10 days
3,950 km

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