The path of the cyclotron from Europe to Kazakhstan

Road freight


We have received a request to deliver a cyclotron (an accelerator of protons and ions) from Lier (Belgium) to one of the medical clinics in Semey (Kazakhstan).

The cargo, high-precision equipment, required maintaining a constant above-zero temperature during the transportation. However it was decided to abandon the use of a refrigerated semi-trailer because of top loading and unloading required.

In addition, it was necessary to use a vehicle with a reinforced wheelbase was for transportation because the cyclotron was small, but heavy and had a high specific load. It was one wooden 18 tons box with dimensions of 2,300 mm x 2,200 mm x 2,100 mm.

It was decided to use an expandable MEGA trailer. It was additionally equipped with blow heaters to ensure the required temperature conditions, while thermal sensors were put in the driver’s cab to track the temperature in the trailer body.

The second truck for the delivery of equipment for the cyclotron supposed to be a refrigerator. However the customer did not provide a scheme for attaching additional cargo and it was decided to refuse of this type of semi-trailer and TRASKO promptly replaced it with the tautliner. In addition to direct transportation, TRASKO provided insurance of the cargo to the customer.

Since the cyclotron is an expensive cargo (approximately EUR 1,000,000), a corresponding guarantee was issued for its transportation at the borderline of the European Union and Custom Union.

Overall the cargo was delivered to the customer in accordance with the agreed terms, having covered about 5,990 km.

TRASKO has been successfully engaged in the transportation of complex cargo for over 25 years. We deliver the cargo all over the world and would be happy to offer our professional expertise to effectively solve your logistics tasks.


Lier (Belgium) – Semey (Kazakhstan)
Travel time:
19 days
About 5,990 km

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