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Project transportation


We keep sharing the most interesting projects of TRASKO with you. Today we will talk about the lumber industry. Following the order of one of the world’s leaders on this market, TRASKO was delivering the auger conveyor for the production of medium-density fibreboards (MDF) from Hollola (Finland) to the production facility in Yelabuga (Russia, Tatarstan).

The feature of the cargo was its length of 16.35 m. Such a length exceeds the dimensions of the standard 13.6m euro trailer. The delivery of oversized cargo onboard of the euro trailer requires special permissions for transportation over the territory of the European Union and Russia.

TRASKO branch office in Kazan, together with the Department of transport management of Yekaterinburg branch office provided the customer with a truck equipped with a 16.4 m semitrailer to conduct the delivery. A special permit was issued for the transportation of oversized cargo only over the territory of Finland because it is allowed to transport cargo in 16.4 m semitrailers in Russia with no additional documents required.

Thus, TRASKO transported oversized cargo without increasing the cost for the customer associated with the order of a special transport, as well as without issuing special permits on the territory of Russia and without increasing the transit time. TRASKO employees also minimized the empty running of the truck to 350 km by the delivery of the cargo to St. Petersburg on the way to Hollola.

During the transportation, the cargo was safely packed inside the sealed tent trailer, which protected the transported equipment from snow and sludge. Within 4 days, in accordance with the delivery dates, having covered a distance of about 2,100 km, the equipment was successfully delivered to Yelabuga for further installation and operation.

The key priority of TRASKO is customer’s interests. We offer the most favorable terms and fares for the delivery of cargo as well as our professional expertise in the field of logistics to our clients.

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Hollola (Finland) – Yelabuga (Russia)
Travel time:
4 days
2,100 km