Rescue delivery



Transportation of consolidated cargo is one of the key activities of TRASKO. Delivery of the cargo as the combined one has a number of significant advantages. For example, if a customer needs to deliver a small amount of cargo, it is not necessary to overpay for the whole truck. Instead of that, the customer reserves the space occupied by his cargo. Today we are going to tell about this type of transportation.

The customer appealed to us to carry out transportation of the rescue raft from Ufa to Baku. To ensure the integrity, the raft was packed into a wooden case. The overall weight of the cargo was 150 kg with the size of 1.5m x 0.7m x 0.8m. The cargo was featured with the gas cylinder of compressed carbon dioxide, which is used for the inflating of the raft. Transportation of such a gas by aircraft is undesirable, so we offered the customer to deliver cargo by road as part of the combined one. In addition to the delivery, TRASKO carried out cargo insurance.

The delivery of the cargo was divided into two stages: first of all, the wooden case with the gas cylinder was delivered from Ufa to a consolidation warehouse in Moscow. The second stage was the delivery from the warehouse to the customer’s door in Baku. In 15 days the cargo covered about 3,600 km and was successfully delivered to the client in accordance with the agreed terms.

TRASKO has more than 26 years of experience on the logistics market. The company carries out cargo transportation of any complexity in the interests of its customers. We will be glad to provide our professional expertise to solve your logistics issues.


Ufa (Russia) – Baku (Azerbaijan)
Travel time:
15 days
3,600 km

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