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This material is on everyone’s lips. But do you really know what steel is? If you think about the answer for a second, so join the club! Steel is one of the world’s most famous alloys of iron and carbon. The first element here is responsible for the plasticity of the final composition, while the second one is responsible for strength. Light weight, hard and durable — this is what distinguishes this alloy.

Recently we had an interesting transportation from Russia to China related to steel. The timing became the key feature of this delivery. We had to deliver over 350 tons of steel in just two months. Taking such a tight schedule into account, we had to refuse of rail and sea transportation. To save the customer’s money, it was also decided to abandon aviation delivery, and the choice was made in favor of automobile transportation. In a short time, we needed to deliver a large number of trucks to the loading point. To optimize this process as well as to minimize the empty mileage of trucks, we have loaded a lot of trucks with imports to the expected loading region. However, due to the fact that not the entire volume of cargo was ready for transportation, loading was carried out not at a time, but with a certain interval. But given that the trucks were actually waiting ‘around the corner’, the whole process didn’t take long.

All the transportation took place from August to October. We delivered rolled and sheet steel, which is used to make stamped parts for one of the Russian premium class automobiles. In order to test the equipment for working with Russian steel, 20 tented trucks of TRASKO with this cargo started its journey from the Republic of Tatarstan to three Chinese cities.


TRASKO branch in Kazan was carried out transportation in a difficult epidemiological conditions. The border access was restricted, and we sought special quotas from our Chinese partners for this delivery. Another feature of this transportation was that despite the difficulties at the automobile borders, we delivered over 350 tons of cargo in a short time and performed customer clearance in China with payment of all duties and VAT (note: not every transport and logistics company performs such services). According to the new epidemiological rules, the cargo was overloaded onboard of the Chinese trucks in China. All the drivers did not leave their cabins during loading operations to ensure safety.

Then the trucks continued its journey to the door of the consignee. Despite the difficulties at the automobile borders, we delivered all the cargo in a short time in accordance with the agreed terms.

Road transportation between Russia and China is one of the key activities of TRASKO. If it’s necessary, we can perform customer clearance not only in the Russian Federation, but also in a number of other countries where we send the cargo to. We are here for you and happy to work for the benefit of your business!


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